Who Am I?

Yes, I am the Schmucker in the name.

I've had a life of unique experiences and encounters; from growing up in a small conservative communitty, to experiencing the world via submarine, to traveling abroad working as an engineer.

Throughout my life I've always strived to keep if fun and entertaining; sometimes through goofy shenanigans, or intellectual mockery, or just plain humorous activities. Through it all, I've built a mental repository of really funny ideas and a few lame ones.

So, bored out of my mind I said, "Why not," and decided to do graphic designs for fun.  Then someone said, "Hey, that'd be an awesome shirt," and I said, "I'm not wearing a shirt?" There may have been some inebriated times in the beginning.

Short story long, now there is this website, and hopefully something calling to your need to expression.